• Interior Design Confederation Singapore

    The Interior Place is honoured to receive the Design Excellence Awards 2013/14.

  • Circle of Excellence Award

    The Interior Place is proud to receive the 2011/12 Circle of Excellence Award.

    Circle of Excellence targets to bond with leading companies across Singapore to spur fair practices, growth in entrepreneurship and greater innovation, with the objective of strengthening the industry,

    Circle of Excellence also hopes to serve as a platform to encourage continual leadership towards advancing Singapore’s competitive position globally and sustainable economic development for the nation.

  • Singapore Brands Award 2011

    The Interior Place had received the Singapore Brands award in 2011.

    Singapore Brands supports local Small and Medium Enterprises to develop global opportunities and shape Singapore’s business innovations and integrity. More than 400 SMEs have received this award in Singapore over the years for their exceptional management, standards, arduous financial control and high-quality service.

  • Successful Entrepreneur (Platinum Category) 2010

    The Interior Place was awarded the Successful Entrepreneur (Platinum Category) in 2010.

  • GRC Signature Club Award 2010

    The Interior Place is honoured to receive the GRC Signature Club Award in 2010.