Eco-Friendly Interior Design Ideas For Homeowners

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Recent years have shown a growing awareness and concern for environment-friendly practices, whether in everyday consumable items or long-term practices. The same is true for homes, as more and more eco-friendly home ideas are conceptualised by builders and designers in the hope of reducing the carbon footprint in everyday living without sacrificing every homeowner’s differing preferences.

Some Eco-Friendly Interior Design Ideas To Adapt

There are lots of ways by which you can make your home more environment-friendly, and these moves range from simple household practices to bigger-scale interior design concepts or changes. When it comes to design ideas, you can never go wrong with bigger windows that not only allow more light to stream into your home, but also considerably reduces your need for air conditioner if you leave them open at certain times of the day to allow for air to come in. Every interior designer knows how much better a room looks and feels if there is ample ambient light illuminating it instead of artificial light that consumes electricity steadily.

Opting for wood, or vinyl wood for that matter, instead of carpet also reduces your need for cleaning such large fabric pieces, thereby reducing your water consumption (and electricity consumption too if you regularly use the vacuum cleaner to keep your carpets clean). Indoor-outdoor spaces, meanwhile, would open up al-fresco corners that have little to no need of electricity. Depending on your individual preference, you can equip yours to include a table and chair outside where you can read, get some work done, or else eat in the day. It’s a great new environment to spice up your everyday routine, and most importantly, it veers you away from constantly using electric plugs to get things done.

Is Eco-Friendly Interior Design A Cheaper Way To Go?

Now the next big question is this: does being eco-friendly mean cheaper at all respects? Would you not be shelling out more in having your home redesigned to be more environment-friendly? As you will be consuming less resources (electricity, water, etc) in the long-term, consider a redesign project a major investment for your family’s future. Not only will you be giving them a gift of a space that’s more in touch with the environment; you will also be leaving a legacy of a more responsible, disciplined household living.

Making such choice, in the first place, does not really require you to sacrifice a lot of your comforts, but to simply realign your everyday practices into something that will harm the environment less. This increased consciousness is something interior designers are very much open to incorporating in their designs. The key therefore to making your eco-friendly space a reality is finding the interior designer who can translate your vision into an aesthetically pleasing and functional whole.

Posted by Candy Ng