Using Commercial Interior Design to Promote Creativity

Would you want to do business with a company that has a drab office and poor lighting? Probably not. Their office would not be reassuring at all and you’d probably want to leave immediately. But while the design of your office matters when it comes to making an impression on your clients, you also want to ensure that your commercial interior design fosters creativity and productivity among your employees.

Commercial Interior Design

If you need help with your commercial interior design, here are some tips to keep in mind:

Commercial Interior Design is Crucial

You want to make sure you have sufficient lighting in your office. You should also make it more spacious, organised and with as minimal clutter as possible. It’s difficult to be creative when there’s a mess everywhere around you.

Welcome Personal Items in Your Commercial Interior Design

Just because you want your office to look professional doesn’t mean you will have a “cold” and stiff office. On the contrary; you should allow your employees to bring in their personal items like their family photos, favourite stuffed animal, and what-have-you. When planning your design, you should make room for such things in order to build trust and comfort between your employees and you.

Your Commercial Interior Design Should Not Be Conventional

In the past, the idea of office cubicles was very popular even here in Singapore and many offices still have that setup. But if you want to boost creativity, you should aim to be different. In fact, you should not settle with the “1 desk per person system.” Why not place one long work table for each team? It’s not about saving costs. It’s about allowing teams to collaborate and communicate openly in the same area.

Cultivate Buzz in Your Commercial Interior Design

Have you noticed the energy in a room filled with people talking and getting busy? There’s synergy in the way they think, see and communicate with each other. Think of MRT stations at 7 in the morning on a Monday. Everyone’s moving quickly and people are talking to their kids, parents, friends and even colleagues. There’s a certain energy in the station that you can feel right? Sort of like an adrenaline rush as you hurry your way to your ride. This kind of energy makes people creative. It gets their creative juices flowing. So, speak to your designer about a commercial interior design that encourages noise and movement in your office.

Include Space for Concentration in Your Commercial Interior Design

While creating buzz is great to share ideas, sometimes you also need to concentrate on your work and need some quiet moments. Because of this, you should see to it that your designer understands your need for an area in your office that’s specifically used for concentration. Your commercial interior design should include a place or a room where your employees can go to without being interrupted.

Posted by Candy Ng